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We wrote to you on 11 January 2016 advising you of a proposed bylaw that will control how rubbish is managed in the District.  The closing date for submissions was yesterday, Wednesday 24 February, however, we have decided to extend the submission period by a month to allow more people to have a say on the bylaw which will impact all households in the District.


People now have until 4.30pm on Thursday 24 March 2016 to make a submission.  The Council will hold hearings for people who want to speak about their submission on 14 April.  It will deliberate over these submissions on 5 May and adopt the Solid Waste Bylaw on 15 June.


We encourage you to find out about the bylaw which proposes a number of new rules designed to better manage and reduce waste. These include new requirements for:


  • households to ensure that not more than 10 percent of the rubbish they send to landfill for disposal is recyclable.  This means that at least 90 percent of the rubbish that is put in a rubbish bag and left at the kerbside for collection should be waste that can’t be recycled (e.g. polystyrene and non-recyclable plastic).  Under the bylaw, refuse contractors may refuse to collect or accept rubbish bags if they are full of recyclable waste, such as glass bottles, newspapers and tin cans.


  • owners and managers of hotels, motels and apartments to manage waste on-site


  • people organising public events, such as festivals, to develop and get Council approval of a waste management plan before the events goes ahead


For more information, or to make a submission online, go to www.fndc.govt.nz/draftsolidwastebylaw2016  or you can get more information and a submission form at any Council service centre or library. If you have already made a submission and would like to add to what you have already said you can do that too.Please ensure Council receives your submission by 4.30pm on Thursday 24 March 2016.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 09 401 5200 or free-phone 0800 920 029.


Yours sincerely

Melissa Wood

Strategic Planning Coordinator

Illegal Rubbish Dumping… Why?

Recently, a couple of young locals found their way to The Cycle Track. What they found did not impress them at all. A whole lot of empty oyster shells and heaps and heaps of dumped rubbish. Amongst the Dumped rubbish was a lot of disposable nappies AND Artwork by a local artist. Because of the local Artist being under age, relevant authorities cannot use this to track down their parents through the school that child attends. We know the name of this child and know which school. A lot of people in Opua are working really hard to try and keep our village tidy, please do your bit and take your rubbish AND empty oyster shells to the Refuse Station

Bike Trail Clean Up

Jacki Moore and Adele Earnshaw spent another four hours today picking up rubbish on the Opua bike trail. A couple of days ago, we did a superficial rubbish pickup and filled a lot of supermarket bags. Today we brought large rubbish bags and filled nine in the first 2k of the trail. There’s a lot of rubbish down in the mangroves and bags of household rubbish that have just been dumped in the last day or two. Also lots of nasty stuff that we can’t reach in the gully between Carters and the bike path. We really need to organise a community project to clean it up.