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Bus Stop Northbound – SH11

Communities (residents, schools, police etc)  can work together and the council does listen!

After a few letters of concern from schools and LoveOpua to Clarks Coachline, the FNDC and our Mayor John Carter, work has (out of the blue) started… Hans Garton and his team from Earthworx, have begun to widen the road verge just south of Oromahoe Road. Hans thinks the project should be finished within the next two weeks. Big boulders and plenty of wood piles will make this dangerous corner much safer for our school kids to wait for the Kerikeri Bus and for passengers to disembark from the public busses. There will even be room for a bus shelter.

Thank you FNDC for listening to us!! Now the ball is in our corner to erect a bus shelter. Please contact Manuela 021 44 55 29 if you can help.



Police Report – 17/7/2015

This week’s happenings

While I can’t provide much information because of privacy etc. but I do remind everyone to be vigilant for any strangers you may see snooping around.  If you do see someone new to the area give them a hello.  Call out to them with a friendly hello or enquire if you can help them.  If they are genuine, then they will think that Opua is a nice friendly place with residents willing to help visitors.  If they are up to no good, they will know that they have been spotted and likely move on.

This week’s tip

People are sometimes the prey of unscrupulous confidence tricksters who are only after money. Keep in mind these guidelines:

· Be careful about discussing your financial affairs with anybody.
· Don’t be pressured into drawing large amounts of money out of the bank to give to strangers

  • Don’t be rushed into business deals. Don’t accept home maintenance offers or gardening deals until you have thoroughly checked them out, discussed them with friends and family, and compared prices.
    · Beware of seemingly very cheap goods and services.
    · Don’t rush into signing any legal documents committing yourself to major undertakings until you have asked the advice of other people. The Citizens Advice Bureau or Age Concern will be able to advise you if you feel you have no one to turn to.
    · It is a good idea to check the credentials of people who call offering to do such things as paint your house, your roof, or install aluminium windows. You could telephone the relevant professional association or phone around comparing prices if you are interested in the deal. Someone in your family or a friend would probably be happy to help you.
    · Don’t rush into any deal involving your property or your money. You may commit yourself to something you will later regret. Seek advice from your family, a neighbour, your lawyer, accountant, the Citizens Advice Bureau, Age Concern, bank, or relevant professional body.


Sgt W959

Officer in Charge



Illegal Rubbish Dumping… Why?

Recently, a couple of young locals found their way to The Cycle Track. What they found did not impress them at all. A whole lot of empty oyster shells and heaps and heaps of dumped rubbish. Amongst the Dumped rubbish was a lot of disposable nappies AND Artwork by a local artist. Because of the local Artist being under age, relevant authorities cannot use this to track down their parents through the school that child attends. We know the name of this child and know which school. A lot of people in Opua are working really hard to try and keep our village tidy, please do your bit and take your rubbish AND empty oyster shells to the Refuse Station

police report

Firstly I want to commend everyone for their response to the suspicious person seen in Opua a couple of weekends ago. Plenty of action on the facebook page and communication within the community. Great description and thanks for calling 111.

Tonight, Sunday 12th, we got a call about 2 youths in the marina area acting suspiciously. When we attended we located 2 teenagers with a bag full of tools ready to break into cars.


Both of the above highlight the result when someone sees something and then follows up by doing something. In this case the doing something was to call Police.


This is really all that Neighbourhood Support is about. Seeing something and doing something about it. Be it a crime, an improvement that can be made to something in the area or someone in need of help. See something, do something.


You will have to accept that we sometimes cannot give you an update on what we are doing with the information you pass or any warnings we may post on the facebook page. We are conscious that the crooks also read facebook and we don’t want to let them know how our investigation is going.


I suspect you are all aware that you can ring *555 to report an urgent Road Safety matter. Are you also aware that you can go online to the NZ Police website and fill out an online form for non urgent matters? https://forms.police.govt.nz/forms/online-community-roadwatch-report/9



Sgt W959

Officer in Charge