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Agenda AGM 2017

please share with your family, friends and neighbours 

Pot Luck dinner and AGM for LOVE OPUA on Monday evening 6th March 2017

LOVE OPUA will have a Pot Luck Dinner and AGM for Love Opua in our Community Hall in Beechy Street. This invitation to dinner goes to all the Ratepayers and Residents of Opua plus Speakers. This is a family show, so we hope to see lots of families. Bring a Pot Luck dish either main or dessert. Bring your own plates, utensils and glass. Plus whatever you want to drink.

Doors open 5:30 pm Monday 6th March 2017
Dinner starts 6:00 pm
AGM starts 7:15 pm
Speakers start 7:30 pm. There will be time after each talk for questions of the speakers.

Northland and the benefits of living here.

Opua Marina and surrounds. The present and in the next 5 years.

BOI Vintage Railway Trust, progress and plans.

The “Coast to Coast” Cycle Trail.

Arron T. Clark Lookout. “Top O’ the Hill”

Puketiitii Picnic area. Development & design. Harrison Track clean-up.

The constitution (October 2014) deems office holders are in place for 5 years. Therefore the next election of officers will be in October 2019.  Present office holders are Brian Hepburn (Chairman), Brett Etherton (Secretary), Manjula Gamble (Treasure), Frank Leadley, Henry Nissan & Terry Dunn.

In general business, we would like to know what you, the people of Opua, want Love Opua to do in the years ahead.



We wrote to you on 11 January 2016 advising you of a proposed bylaw that will control how rubbish is managed in the District.  The closing date for submissions was yesterday, Wednesday 24 February, however, we have decided to extend the submission period by a month to allow more people to have a say on the bylaw which will impact all households in the District.


People now have until 4.30pm on Thursday 24 March 2016 to make a submission.  The Council will hold hearings for people who want to speak about their submission on 14 April.  It will deliberate over these submissions on 5 May and adopt the Solid Waste Bylaw on 15 June.


We encourage you to find out about the bylaw which proposes a number of new rules designed to better manage and reduce waste. These include new requirements for:


  • households to ensure that not more than 10 percent of the rubbish they send to landfill for disposal is recyclable.  This means that at least 90 percent of the rubbish that is put in a rubbish bag and left at the kerbside for collection should be waste that can’t be recycled (e.g. polystyrene and non-recyclable plastic).  Under the bylaw, refuse contractors may refuse to collect or accept rubbish bags if they are full of recyclable waste, such as glass bottles, newspapers and tin cans.


  • owners and managers of hotels, motels and apartments to manage waste on-site


  • people organising public events, such as festivals, to develop and get Council approval of a waste management plan before the events goes ahead


For more information, or to make a submission online, go to www.fndc.govt.nz/draftsolidwastebylaw2016  or you can get more information and a submission form at any Council service centre or library. If you have already made a submission and would like to add to what you have already said you can do that too.Please ensure Council receives your submission by 4.30pm on Thursday 24 March 2016.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 09 401 5200 or free-phone 0800 920 029.


Yours sincerely

Melissa Wood

Strategic Planning Coordinator

Community Meeting – Formation of Cycle Trail Working Party

Tena koutou,

Please find attached notes taken at the recent Cycleway Stakeholder meeting dated 19 August 2015.

The meeting decided that Council would coordinate community meetings for the purposes of forming a Working Party tasked with the establishment of the Governance entity for the cycleway.

The Working Party will be a temporary body.  It will define the key roles and responsibilities of the legal entity to manage Pou Herenga Tai – Twin Coast Cycle Trail.  It will provide feedback to all stakeholders, and recommend a suitable legal entity for the ongoing administration of Pou Herenga Tai.
The community meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss governance issues regarding the Cycleway and  the nomination and appointment of rep(s) for the Working Party.  Nominations will then be put to the vote.
The nomination and appointment will be recorded.

Community meeting details below:

Community Date of meeting Location Time
Opua 7 October Opua Hall 6:00 pm

Council staff:
John Vujcich (Councillor) will facilitate the meetings;
Adrienne Tari (Cycleway Coordinator) will take notes;
Casey de Pereira (Manager, Infrastructure Capital Works) will attend all community meetings.

Please circulate this notice of meeting to stakeholders who have an interest in shaping the future development of Pou Herenga Tai – Twin Coast Cycle Trail.

Kind regards,

FNDC logo Adrienne Tari
Project Coordinator – Cycle Trail
Infrastructure & Asset Management, Far North District Council
09 401 5200 or 0800 920 029  |  Adrienne.Tari@fndc.govt.nz
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Register now for the big New Zealand Shake Out - 9.15am, 15 October 2015

Marina extension project ready to roll

Marina extension project ready to roll

The contract to build the second stage of the Bay of Islands Marina has been awarded to Total Marine Services, a New Zealand company with a branch in Opua. The $10 million project includes the land-based civil works associated with the expanded marina. Work will start in early September and is expected to take 18 months to complete.

Far North Holdings has reduced the number of new berths being built to accommodate an increase in the number of larger catamarans making the ocean crossing to New Zealand. The marina will now have 149 new berths, down from the 170 originally consented.

“We have deliberately designed our new facilities to cater for these larger boats,” said Andy Nock, CEO of Far North Holdings, which owns the marina. “Larger berths are not widely available in marinas around New Zealand so we’re aiming to catch as much of this growing market as possible.

“Our objective is to be flexible; having catamaran berths allows us to use them either for this purpose or to split them and use them for two mono-hull boats each. We will also now be able to offer whatever length of stay a boat owner wants, be it a day or a year.”

In addition to the new berths and marine-based infrastructure the expanded, new-look marina will feature a board-walk frontage and a landscaped recreational area. This will include seating, barbeques, a performance and entertainment stage and a play zone for children.

Far North Holdings’ Chairman Ross Blackman said the plan was to transform the land-based part of the marina from the “rather sterile, industrial place it is at the moment” into a venue that people will enjoy and bring their families to.

“We want to turn this place into one of the main centres for our community. That’s good for everyone; the people who live and work here, the people who want to berth here, and the businesses who’ve set themselves up here,” Mr Blackman said.

As part of the project Far North Holdings will be contributing to several development projects being promoted by the community. The Love Opua community development group has identified several new initiatives which are seen as important additions to the infrastructure of the town. The first project Far North Holdings hopes to start on is a fitness trail originally suggested by Opua School.

“This is a real example of co-ordinated planning by a diverse range of people and organisations in this terrific Opua community,” said Far North mayor John Carter. “Here we have a significant economic development project, the marina extension, being spearheaded by Far North Holdings and being tied into a communal vision of what the people of Opua want their town to become.”

Mr Nock expects to achieve an occupancy level of 40 percent of available berths within 12 months of the extension to the marina being completed.

“We will start taking reservations on the berths from 1 December 2016 but are only accepting bookings on half the berth number, just in case of any delays during the construction period caused by bad weather or similar unpredictable circumstances,” he said. “We’ve factored into our financial planning a pretty modest initial take-up reflecting this.

“Also, we’ve had to turn yachties away for so long due to lack of space; it will take time for the yachting community to realise that berth-space is no longer an issue in the Bay of Islands.”

Far North Holdings received seven bids for the contract; three for the marina component, three for the civil engineering works and Total Marine Services’ bid for both elements. An extensive, four-month due diligence period led to the final decision earlier this month (July).

“We reviewed each of the seven bids against four main criteria; quality, product specification, delivery and service,” Mr Nock said. “The new, expanded Bay of Islands Marina needs to be a cut above the average in order to attract new business in what is an extremely competitive market, and this starts with the build quality and the materials used.”

Total Marine Services demonstrated a good understanding of Far North Holdings’ vision for Bay of Islands Marina and wove this into its submissions, Mr Nock said. The company had put in a financially competitive bid, backed by the efficiencies involved in being able to undertake both the marine and civil engineering elements of the project.

Tim Yeates, a director of the Total Marine Group, said that winning the contracts to build the new marina extension and seawall would be a significant boost to the local economy. Up to 33 staff would be working on the project and nine of these positions were new jobs that would be filled by people from Opua. In addition, a number of local sub-contractors would be engaged to deliver specific aspects of the project.

Total Marine Services was committed to constructing the best marina facility in New Zealand and exceeding the expectations of FNHL, Mr Yeates said.

The start of work on the marina expansion will be marked by a community event and a celebration. Far North Holdings will announce details as soon as these have been confirmed.


Bus Stop Northbound – SH11

Communities (residents, schools, police etc)  can work together and the council does listen!

After a few letters of concern from schools and LoveOpua to Clarks Coachline, the FNDC and our Mayor John Carter, work has (out of the blue) started… Hans Garton and his team from Earthworx, have begun to widen the road verge just south of Oromahoe Road. Hans thinks the project should be finished within the next two weeks. Big boulders and plenty of wood piles will make this dangerous corner much safer for our school kids to wait for the Kerikeri Bus and for passengers to disembark from the public busses. There will even be room for a bus shelter.

Thank you FNDC for listening to us!! Now the ball is in our corner to erect a bus shelter. Please contact Manuela 021 44 55 29 if you can help.


Trustpower Community Awards – we are nominated!

Good afternoon,

2015 Trustpower Community Awards

You have been nominated for the Trustpower Community Awards.

Please complete the attached Information Form and return by: Friday 12 June 2015.

Thank you.


Adele Thomson

Executive Personal Assistant to Mayor John Carter
Far North District Council
Phone: 09 401 5210 or  021 215 0941

trustpower community awards