take two… Working Bee

CUsersFrankPicturesClipArtBeehappyThis time! 

Team New Zealand are back on the water. And the Opua community is back with its working bee.

The weather looks to be fine this Saturday 10 June – perhaps just a few showers, but not enough to dampen the enthusiasm of the fantastic Opua community!

So the Working Bee at the Top O’ The Hill is back on. 9.00 – 11.00 am. Bring tools etc as per the earlier notice. Let’s give those weeds one hell of a hiding!!

But if anyone can help Vanessa with Morning Tea she would be very appreciative – ph. 4027650.

 And GO Team New Zealand!!

Frankl Leadley


C:\Users\Frank\Pictures\Clip Art\Bee happy.pngWORKING BEE POSTPONED!!
Due to a forecast of rain and strong winds tomorrow the working bee at the Top o’ The Hill at Opua is POSTPONED.
We will aim to re-schedule the working bee to the following Saturday 10 June.
This will be confirmed during the week.
Apologies to all who were prepared to come along, but there’s no point working in the rain and being miserable!
Frank Leadley

The weeds and creepers are starting to invade our beautiful Top O’ The Hill area, so it is time to charge into it and restore its beauty before the winter really sets in.


So, weather permitting, there will be a Working Bee on

Saturday 3 June, from 9.00 to 11.00 am

We need to trim back the Kikuyu from the garden edges and around the sleepers etc, spray the Morning Glory that is creeping back in, weed the rockeries, and possibly cut back the growth on the other side of the main road that is affecting the view for traffic coming around the corner. And there will probably be other chores to attend to.

What to bring: weed eaters, spades, rakes, clippers, scrub cutter, containers/wheelbarrow for weeds, and a cheerful spirit.

And some hot water, mugs, and goodies for a cuppa would not go amiss. Please let Vanessa Leadley know if you can help in this regard.

Any queries/suggestions to Frank Leadley, 4027650.

AGM & Potluck Dinner 2017 Roundup

What a great evening with over 120 attending during the night of 16th March 2017 at the Opua Community Hall in Beechy Street, Opua.

We kicked off with a BYO dinner of the great selection of food.

As we had the meal, we were entertained by Shavonne singing a selection of Country and Western music.
I first heard Shavonne Aliphon at the BOI Vintage Railway concert and was so impressed the way the public reacted to her singing that I asked her if she would sing for us at dinner.
She said yes provided we got the same sound system the Railway had.

Thank you, Shavonne. She has two CDs available. I purchased them both as did John Carter and Terry Greening.

A company called Silver Sound who had all the right gear with multi speakers around the room and Alex, the operator, handling the sound mixer very professionally. We had that system available to all the speakers.
Many thanks to FNHL for funding this sound system to the evening.
It made such a difference to be able to hear all the speakers.

All the speakers, John Carter (Mayor) Andy Nock (CEO FNHL) Frank Leadley (BOIVRT) Adrienne Tari (Pou Herenga Tai – Twin Coast Cycle Trail) Brett Etherton (Aaron T Clark Lookout) Brian Hepburn (Love Opua) Puketiitii Picnic area, Harrison Track.
Terry Greening, our Community Board Chairman, was also present and said a few words of encouragement to us all.
Fran Joyce was our official timekeeper.
Frank, as you all know, is the chairman of the Opua Community Hall. Thanks to all Franks hard work the hall is looking beautiful and is a tremendous asset to the community. Thanks Frank

Question time brought forward some healthy debates and a very informative evening was had by all.
The only comment I would make is it would be wonderful if we had a wireless mike to take amongst the people for quest times.

Compliments have been pouring in, and one card that has arrived from a new member Warren Nelson enclosed a cheque for $500 towards the beautifying Opua.

Love Opua gained 15 new members.

Dr Brian Hepburn,
Love Opua,
The Local Community Ratepayers & Residents Association,
6 Scoresby Street,
Opua 0200,
New Zealand.
021-957-977 402-6070

Agenda AGM 2017

please share with your family, friends and neighbours 

Pot Luck dinner and AGM for LOVE OPUA on Monday evening 6th March 2017

LOVE OPUA will have a Pot Luck Dinner and AGM for Love Opua in our Community Hall in Beechy Street. This invitation to dinner goes to all the Ratepayers and Residents of Opua plus Speakers. This is a family show, so we hope to see lots of families. Bring a Pot Luck dish either main or dessert. Bring your own plates, utensils and glass. Plus whatever you want to drink.

Doors open 5:30 pm Monday 6th March 2017
Dinner starts 6:00 pm
AGM starts 7:15 pm
Speakers start 7:30 pm. There will be time after each talk for questions of the speakers.

Northland and the benefits of living here.

Opua Marina and surrounds. The present and in the next 5 years.

BOI Vintage Railway Trust, progress and plans.

The “Coast to Coast” Cycle Trail.

Arron T. Clark Lookout. “Top O’ the Hill”

Puketiitii Picnic area. Development & design. Harrison Track clean-up.

The constitution (October 2014) deems office holders are in place for 5 years. Therefore the next election of officers will be in October 2019.  Present office holders are Brian Hepburn (Chairman), Brett Etherton (Secretary), Manjula Gamble (Treasure), Frank Leadley, Henry Nissan & Terry Dunn.

In general business, we would like to know what you, the people of Opua, want Love Opua to do in the years ahead.

AGM 2017 – mark the date!


Pot Luck dinner and AGM for Love Opua on Monday evening 27th. February 2017.

We will have a Pot Luck Dinner and AGM for Love Opua in our village hall. 

Hall will be open 6pm so if you all bring whatever you like to drink we can mix up and get the know each other before and after dinner.

Start time for dinner will be 6:30 pm. Bring a Pot Luck dish either main or pudding. (Not all puddings!)

After dinner the AGM agenda will include the election of Trustees and the proposed programme for the coming year.

In general business, we would like to know what you, the people of Opua, want Love Opua to do in the years ahead.


Puketiitii Barbeque Area around the water tank.

Many thanks to Transit NZ for the beautiful job done on the car park/turning area. It would be lovely to see more use it, picking up their children, instead of double parking in front of the school as that area is an accident waiting to happen.

Jonathan Fulton, the guy who designed the “Top of the Hill” garden will have the plan ready for us to look at for the garden and surrounds around the water tank. Far North Holdings have promised us to supply the barbeque, water bottle filler, two tables and stools plus shelters over the tables.

Lookout Tower on the hill in English Bay Road.

Ye Ha! We have a sponsor for the Lookout Tower and we will tell you all about it at the meeting. We are in the process of applying for Resource consent at the moment.

Brett Etherton is to be congratulated for the enormous time and effort he has put in so far the get the Lookout Tower approved by DOC. This is the highest hill in Opua, and the all-around view will be tremendous.

Dr. Brian Hepburn,
Love Opua,
The Local Community Ratepayers & Residents Association,
6 Scoresby Street,
Opua 0200,
New Zealand