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Holiday Message from LoveOpua

The Trustees wish all the members of Love Opua a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2017.


The year that is passing saw a few things get done and we look forward to a few new projects in the New Year.


First is the new picnic area by the water tank above the school. The free TotalSpan school bus shelter is still on hold, as Transit NZ want us to sign an eleven page long Deed of Grant. If anyone has an idea how to tackle this dilemma please contact us.


Puketiitii Barbeque Area around the water tank.

Many thanks to Transit NZ for the beautiful job done on the car park/turning area. It would be lovely to see more use it, picking up their children, instead of double parking in front of the school as that area is an accident waiting to happen.


Jonathan Fulton, the guy who designed the “Top of the Hill” garden is doing us a layout for the garden and surrounds around the water tank. Far North Holdings have promised us to supply the barbeque, water bottle filler, two tables and stools plus shelters over the tables.


Lookout Tower on the hill in English Bay Road.

Brett Etherton is to be congratulated for the enormous time and effort he has put in so far the get the Lookout Tower approved by DOC. The next stage is to get building consent from FNDC. This is the highest hill in Opua, and the all-around view will be tremendous.


Pot Luck dinner and AGM for Love Opua in February 2017.

In Feb next year, we would like to have a Pot Luck Dinner and AGM for Love Opua in our village hall. We will let you all know the exact date closer to the time.

AGM agenda will include the election of Trustees and the programme for the coming year.

In general business, we would like to know what you, the people of Opua, want Love Opua to do in the years ahead.


Dr Brian Hepburn,


Love Opua,

The Local Community Ratepayers & Residents Association,

6 Scoresby Street,

Opua 0200,

New Zealand.

021-957-977 402-6070



photo by Manuela Gmuer-Hornell  mid-winter sunrise